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This Snowboard Rack will fit any kind of surfboard. It is made from engineering reinforced glass-filled nylon resin that can hold up to 18kg (39lbs). This is a practical way to store your surfboard on a wall rack. It both looks good and keeps your surfboard out of harms way until the waves call again.

Use this rack in multiples - 3 or 4 sets and store all your Snowboards in a nice compact area on the wall out of the way. You can even store your snowboards with the bindings and boots left on and stored upside down for drying. This Snowboard rack can be used indoors or outdoors as it will never rust, corrode or rot like metal or wood racks and will stand up to severe weathering.

Sturdy Storage Rack made from Engineering Reinforced Glass-Filled reinforced Nylon.
Rack Capacity = 1 Snowboard, holds up to 18kg

- Rack Protrudes from wall 29cm
- Holds one Snowboard
- Can be mounted any distance apart to accommodate all different length Snowboard.

Includes (2) Rack arms per set.
2 Interchangeable Sleeves
2 rubber pads ( For board protection )